Topic: Delete spam posts


I have been researching for a week how to get rid of horrible spam that is all around my forum.

I found very nice tools developed by keydog, grez, dimkalinux and others


If I´m not missing something, those are made for not letting bots register or send spam to your forums. But what about deleting previous post.

I got rid of bots with no posts, but the ones with one o more post are still there.

I tried url_cheker but I´m getting this error.
Fatal error: Call to undefined function parse_signature() in /home/foros/public_html/punbb-1.4.1/sfs.php on line 94

Are there any other ways to deal with previous spam posts?

Any help would be appreciated smile
Muchas gracias

Re: Delete spam posts

check this post:

If you follow instructions, you can find all users with IPs that were used by spammers in last 365 days...

Works on 1.4.1