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This extension allows users to make usage of the censure tag. The censure tag makes specified content hidden until the user that reads the post, hovers over the censored word.


- Initial release

1.0 (PunBB 1.4.2)

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nice extencion!! thanks!

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Thanks and you're welcome smile


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Nice One smile

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Thanks Abir smile

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Well , this can be easily implemented into pun_bbcode bar.

Forum Root Directory => extensions => pun_bbcode 
Then Open bar.php.

Now Find out the following div : 
<div id="pun_bbcode_buttons">
then put : $this->add_button(array('name'    => 'censored', 'weight' => 62, 'image' => true)); 
just after this : $this->add_button(array('name'    => 'color', 'type' => 'with_attr', 'weight' => 60, 'image' => true));

Save it and voila :D :D

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That's a great idea yikes

Nice one on this smile