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Topic: [Extension][Update v1.2] Profile Comments

Hello friends I bring you good PunBB my first version of profile comments are not luxury but as surely hope I will continue updating it contantemente to be your total satisfaction ...

Extension Name: Profile Comments
Extension Author: Edson Ordaz
Extension Version: 1.2 Release

<!-- CHANGE_LOG -->
v1.0.0 BETA
This extension allows you to enter comments on the profiles of other users .. extension makes the textarea and above the list of comments ...
The table stands Comment 2 different colors to differentiate each other and shows the day and time that sent the comment!

The comment allows BBcode, Smilies, images and displays 10 comments per page and list it down between the textarea and the list shows the pagination and the total number of comments!

To comment on another user's profile please go to your member list and click on the link to post a new comment to go to the wall.

Previous screenshots

News screenshots


Hope you like the new version soon beareth!

Download v1.4

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Re: [Extension][Update v1.2] Profile Comments

que se puede decir como siempre genial...

great extension my friend

I am Chilean web developer

Re: [Extension][Update v1.2] Profile Comments

Nice! big_smile

Re: [Extension][Update v1.2] Profile Comments

Thanks firend...
I miss the prefix before the name of the table but at night I add the variable ...


Re: [Extension][Update v1.2] Profile Comments

Wow this is tarrific

Yours, Benny.