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Topic: [Extension] Etherpad

I have written an extension to embed an Etherpad (h ttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Etherpad) (or Etherpad Lite) into a posting.

You need to have an instance of Etherpad or Etherpad Lite running somewhere (you might use one of the existing ones (h ttp://etherpad.org/public-sites/)). Set up the URL of it in the administration area, then you can embed Etherpads into postings using the [etherpad] syntax.

Etherpad is a software to collaboratively edit simple text documents, users see live what other users are typing. Etherpads embedded into postings can be edited by everyone who can view the posting.

The extension is developed on h ttp://gitorious.org/cdauth_punbb/etherpad.

Download the extension

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need demo or screens

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All it does is embed an Etherpad (for example https://pad.riseup.net/p/Pdm1d6nMvZ9B) into a forum post using an iframe.

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thanks, nice work

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I just download it. now times to apply.