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I woke up this "morning" to find that my girlfriend had switched off the server when she was going to switch on the workstation. There goes 180 days uptime :P I think everything is back to normal now.

I guess I was begging for it to happen considering how the two computers are placed: … hassi_id=3


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Re: Downtime

ah ... no wonder I couldn't access it earlier, but I actually got messages about it not finding the include/maintenance.tbl or something similar smile

I have put my server as far in into the closet (one that you can walk into) ... no noise in the rest of the apartment and impossible to shut it down by mistake big_smile

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Re: Downtime

Oh, thats why.. first a thought it was my dns who didnt work, then i checked telia, neither they had any problems.. so i took my car to the town and purchased some clothes instead, first time in a long time smile