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Topic: File/Directory access list?

I've been trying to search and google about this but didn't find anything.
I'm using PunBB 1.3.4

Is there a list of what access dirs/files should, or better yet, MUST have to make the forum work properly?

I got a copy from the original site to my own server (Linux) but the BBCode won't work correctly at my place.

I installed the fancy_video_tag (0.3.3) on the "real" site and found out that the graphical buttons was turned into just text.
(OK, OK, I missed the "fix for it.)

...but before I add that fix to the "real" site I wanna test it on my own, but how can I since I don't even have those buttons, not even links, on my own site.

To try get those "buttons" back I tried uninstalling the BBCode extension on my test server, I even set the access to 777 on everything, and after this last thing I did, I wanna set it back, how do I do that?
I know /cache/ need to be 777 but then what?

If anyone got a list or FAQ for this, lemme know.

and... if anyone knows this type of error of BBCode and that it NOT has anything to do with file/dir access please let me know, 'cos I'm desperate sad


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Re: File/Directory access list?

Everything should be 755, even the cache.

I used to set it to 777 in my extension folder, and had some issues loading css and js files on apache. It's probably a security rule I missed in my configuration. Getting back to 755 solved it.
A good old "chmod -R 755" should do the trick for you.

Let us know!

Re: File/Directory access list?

I'll try that later, today is party time so no work lol
thx tho

Re: File/Directory access list?