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CloudFlare v0.5.0

Integrates your PunBB with the CloudFlare CDN.

This will override the detected client IP with the CloudFlare HTTP Header HTTP_CF_CONNECTING_IP if detected. Clients that bypass the CloudFlare CDN will still show thier correct IP.

Tested with 1.3.4 and 1.4.2


HTTP Header and IP detection code borrowed from CloudFlare Wordpress plugin.  If there is interest I could look into porting over the Spam submission code to automatically publish spam information out to CloudFlare.

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Nice gj

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Thanks alot, though its not working with my site, i dont think its this extension foult though.

Almost every one who post or registers in my site have the same ip as the website server/nameserver. I asked them about cloudflare,  they said they are using it.

oh well.

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