Topic: [extension request] wowhead tooltips

Anyone have a working wowhead tooltips extension?  There was an old post in 1.3 section about one that seemed to work for some people but all links to that file are dead.

There is some info from googling punbb itemstats as well but all the forum posts are 3 years old and all of them i've found require links to files that are dead.

Details on wowhead tooltips:

1.3 post:

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Re: [extension request] wowhead tooltips

so i think i can just add the script to the template file in the include folder main, but i'll still have to impliment some bbcode to let users make the links.

edit or maybe not, added it to that template file but still doesnt seem to work.


Re: [extension request] wowhead tooltips

OK, I will do that. But this will be not a Wowhead tooltip. I will use jQuery UI to do that.