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Topic: List of all extensions in this forum

Here is a list of all extensions published in THIS forum. You can find official extensions HERE and many other extensions HERE.

Note: Because of a bug with a list and URLs, I placed them outside of a list.
AdSense Manager by Quadric
Ajax Chat by delta
Ajax Post Rating by KeyDog
Are You a Human by timint
Akismet by KeyDog
bbcode_html by Abir
bbcode_table by Abir
Etherpad by Candid Dauth
Fancybox by Kushi
fancy_box2 by hoang83vu
First post by KANekT
Google Analytics by Quadric
Hide Currently Installed by KeyDog
HM Default Avatar by Himura
HM Easy BBCodes by Himura
HM Flags by Himura
Image Assistant by Quadric
IP Geolocation by Justice
KT Group Legend by Kushi
KT Mobile by Kushi
KT Newpost Highlighted by Kushi
Limit the number of topics who can see the guests by Himura
Logo by floop
Max Post View Guest by Edson Ordaz
Medal Extension by rubenwardy
Menu header by prokop
Move user to groups by KANekT
MP3 by delta
om_avatar_autoresize by keeshii
om_counter (countdown) by keeshii
om_del_reports by keeshii
om_del_users by keeshii
om_friends by keeshii
om_images by keeshii
om_lastpost_silentedit by keeshii
om_markitup by keeshii
om_medals by keeshii
om_multiquote by keeshii
om_profile_about by keeshii
om_quote_link by keeshii
om_server_timezone by keeshii
om_shoutbox by keeshii
om_sort_by by keeshii
om_subforums by keeshii
om_thanks by keeshii
om_warnings by keeshii
OmedOnlie-Tag by KarDo
Open Street Map by KeyDog
Portal by Daris by RimOn Ranbir
Profile Comments by Edson Ordaz
pun_censure by Dr. Deejay
pun_google_ajax_translit by Abir
pun_pm_notifier by Kushi
Save post as draft by bedroom
SEO Optimizer by Quadric
show_user_location by Jesse J
Simple Image Upload by Sium
Smilies by KANekT
Spoiler by Dr. Deejay
stop_bots_record_question by Jesse J
Strikethrough text by Kaitos
subforums by prokop
Subscribe to Board by Candid Dauth
URL Checker by KeyDog
Thanks by KaNekT
Topic description by KANekT
Topics Prefixes by Edson Ordaz
Track topics in database by bedroom
sva_Media.js by Visman
sva_stop_bots by Visman
sva_Link_To_Image by Visman
sva_Stop_Links_Post by Visman
sva_ext_ban_for_email by Visman
WYSIWYG Editor - SCEditor by SamC