Topic: Approval Extension

I have the latest version of PunBB installed and would like to use an approval extension (1.4.2) - however, the pun_approval extension that's available does not work with version.

Lately I have been having a lot of problems with people registering on my discussion board and post rude messages or advertisements.

Are there any plans to update the approval extension for version 1.4.2? 

If not, are there any other options to block unwanted registrations??



Re: Approval Extension

I found that it is necessary to disable the "version checking" in PunBB v. 1.4.2 in order for the pun_approval v. 1.4  extension to be installed successfully.  The following line needs to be added after the "define('FORUM', 1);" line in the config.php file":


After I did this the extension installed and is working well.