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Topic: Need help! T_T

Hi! Im making a Forum registered with PunBB. However I need help. Im new to all this coding.. C++, etc (a bit of knowledge with HTML and BBC Coding), so it would be nice if you gave me some steps that only an old person would understand. lol-

  • How do I add an AJAX Chat to the Menu so only certain user groups can see?

  • How do I make a moderator to be in control (like closing, removing, editing- etc.) of a certain category and not the whole forums?

  • How do I remove the "User list" page to be seen from a certain user group?

Please note that I have no experience in coding. So if you are asking me to do a plugin of some sort, please tell me how I should do that to. I looked everywhere in the PunBB Administration forums.

It be nice if you start from here.

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