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Topic: control panel

Hello, I'm new to PunBB but I come from a big company forumactif.
I have several knowledge at least I think, kkk;
Well, I installed the following is the 'PunBB 1.4.2' in my hosting found pretty cool, but it does not axei the control panel, I think some extension is not know, wanted to have a control panel similar to the forumactif.


Could anyone help me?

Re: control panel

um... I don't know what do you want? I am not sure if forumactif is even using punbb - this might be their forum software with the layout design copied from punbb. You can easly manage everything without any additional extension and control panel - move topics/posts, ban users, etc.

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Re: control panel

If you create a forum in forumactif you will have access to the admin control panel.
So I wanted to make an admin panel of my forum, similar to the forums, forumacif ...

If you wanted to get can create a forum in forumactif here.