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Hi !

I've put a zip file on the Internet with 84 smilies.

Feel free to download it :
It includes the smilies pictures + parser.php

! Some smilies use french words !

I have also included the file livepreparser.php for the live preview script BUT it seems it is not working properly with the added smileys (forum freeze). If you find a solution, please tell me.


Re: 84 pack smilies

I installed it, and dropped it pretty damn fast.

If you were to rewrite it as :hey: instead of just hey, it would be better.  I really got sick of things like this happening:

T[head poking another head] always do...

Through the awful grace of God

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Re: 84 pack smilies

I get this when I post a message with smilies since I replaced my original parser.php with yours:

Parse error: parse error in /usr/home/dennis/public_html/punbb/include/parser.php on line 88

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: parse_message() in /usr/home/dennis/public_html/punbb/viewtopic.php on line 330

What is going wrong?

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Sorry guys for the inconvenience, i will post soon a new version with ":"

Scriptweaver, sorry i dont know sad

Re: 84 pack smilies

i know what the problem might be i had the same problem i couldn't open the parser file in any editor except notepad because it would cause that error to happen even if i didn't edit the file don't know why this happenes but if it still happenes to you, you might want to redownload punbb and replace the parser file with the new one