Topic: [Extension Release] Reply By Email


I'm x00, I have developed a plugin for PunBB which I hope you will like. I actually have no idea if I'm doing this right so correct me if I make a faux pas.

I enjoyed developing for this nice little forum software.

With out further ado here it is


You can also download per version e.g.


There is also a github repo


releases are usually tagged, (master is not always stable).


github.com/replyPUSH/ReplyByEmail-PunBB-Plugin/archive/0.2.0b.zip (rename the unzipped folder to reply_by_email)

You need to register at


To use the service

The service is currently in beta so free. If you want to partake register. Also contact me because I might ignore random applicants, also it is good to know the punBB folk smile

So what is it?

"Community replies by email" is the tagline

So, I created a service which enables an owner of forum to provide email replies simply for their users, without having complicated set-ups or infrastructure requirements, such as mail receiving technology. So you can keep you users more engaged when they are busy.

This plugin allows the emails sent out under your users notification preferences, when replied to, passing through replyPUSH service, and are send back to the community and the plugin processes the replies.

Being a "push" based system means your server doesn’t have fetch messages from us, or require resource to do that. It simply has to wait message to be received like a normal post, and that is what what the plugin does.

This is not list serv / mailing list software. It doesn’t pretend to be be. Although the technology available could be used to emulate a list serv, I didn't want the plugin to make PunBB like a list serv, or make some some sort of hybrid forum / listserv.


  • Replies to Discussions, Comments. PM replies not yet.

  • By default it groups email notification pertaining to Discussions regardless of type of notification under one Subject, and uses special references to encourage "conversation view" in email clients.

  • The reply can be in text (although the email can be html) currently there is not conversion between simple html and bbcode but that is a possibility

  • Email templates / locale are provided, and there sig which explain to your users how to reply, namely putting their reply on the top of any quoted message and ending with "/eom" on a new line (without the quotation marks)

  • I worked hard to ensure that it is as seamless as possible, and there is security linking the account, authenticity and ensuring the roles an permissions of your community are respected, for that user and context.

It is still early days however, and I can't guarantee an unbroken service.

Check out the whimsical demo on the front page of the website. I know it is terrible wink