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I'm making portal with punbb. I need to change all breadcrumbs (viewtopic, viewforum) from

Website name > Forum name
Website name > Forum name > Topic name


Website name > Forums >Forum name
Website name > Forums > Forum name > Topic name

No problem, do it by add link in $forum_page['crumbs'] array.

But, I've trouble to add breadcrumbs into index.php, should print:
Website name > Forums

I've tried this (before "// Setup main heading" line, as do other files..):

// Setup breadcrumbs
$forum_page['crumbs'] = array(
    array($forum_config['o_board_title'], forum_link($forum_url['index'])),
    array("Forums", forum_link($forum_url['forums']))

That's work in viewforum, but in index.php there are no feedback. No errors, but not show breadcrumbs.

How I can print it?



Re: Add breadcrumbs in index.php

Solved, in header.php there are if statement that exclude index. just remove that exception.

Re: Add breadcrumbs in index.php

where is ur web? i want to see

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