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Topic: The page could not be loaded-error

I have a problem with my forum. I can go to the index-page but when I click on a link, I get this message (I already turned "debug" in the config.php-file on):

Sorry! The page could not be loaded.

This is probably a temporary error. Just refresh the page and retry. If problem continues, please check back in 5-10 minutes.

Database reported: Table 'vannijvel_forum.fancy_alerts_topics' doesn't exist (Errno: 1146).

Failed query: SELECT COUNT(*) AS num_alerts FROM fancy_alerts_topics AS fat LEFT JOIN topics AS t ON (t.id=fat.topic_id) LEFT JOIN forum_perms AS fp ON (fp.forum_id=t.forum_id AND fp.group_id=1) WHERE fat.user_id=2 AND fat.last_post_id!=0 AND fat.last_post_time > fat.last_user_view AND (fp.read_forum IS NULL OR fp.read_forum=1)

The error occurred on line 158 in /var/www/vhosts/bendevannijvel.com/httpdocs/forum/extensions/fancy_alerts/functions.inc.php

Any solutions?

Re: The page could not be loaded-error

Resolved: after a long day I managed to solve the problem.