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I'm new here. I have been using PunBB for a while though, for a forum in italian.

How can I add a page like "Rules" in PunBB Forums such that it has:
- a URL like http://punbb.informer.com/forums/rules
- the familiar layout of a forum page?

Thank you

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Re: Create a page

Administration >> Settings >> Registration >>
Enable checkbox && Enter Rules:
Use rules Users must agree to forum rules before registering.
Compose rules  You may use HTML as text is not parsed.


Re: Create a page

Thank you, but I was looking for a general method to add any page that only looks like the rules page. Is there any extension that allows to do that?

However I noticed that by adding my rules the new menu button links to /misc.php?action=rules, while in this site the rules are located at /rules/. If I try to access /rules/ in my site by typing the URL on the address bar I get a 500 error.

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Re: Create a page

extensions for punbb 1.3 versions Custom pages.

adapt it for yourself .
Create directory cpage.
Paste in directory 3 files.
In manifest.xml edit versions from 1.3 to 1.4.2 and and install.

!  Attenzione, questa è un'estensione per il test.


Re: Create a page

Thank you. Now it's not working to me, but I'll try to work on it.

Re: Create a page

dnax wrote:

Thank you. Now it's not working to me, but I'll try to work on it.

i created arhive for you. More