Topic: PhpBB 3.1 to PunBB

How do i convert from 3.1 PhpBB to latest PunBB? hmm

Re: PhpBB 3.1 to PunBB

I suggest that join together to write a converter. I already wrote a UCOZ on punbb.

in principle, nothing complicated , which the scripts are already there. It can be done in aachestve expansion.

come to me on a forum , there 's talk . there is a special forum for developers only.

Re: PhpBB 3.1 to PunBB

I don't really know how to write converters haha. I'm in great need of a converter so I can change my PhpBB 3.1 to PunBB 1.4!

Re: PhpBB 3.1 to PunBB

You work a little bit with php? If not, you may need a test to detect errors .