Topic: Finding My OLD Forum

Many years ago, I switched from PunBB (sorry).
We had a lot of history on the old site, from February of 2007 thru about 2012(?)

I just tried to look back at the Forum, to find something, and I get nothing.
Literally "nothing", just a blank page - no 404 error, page missing, etc.

Any clues why?
Here is/was the address.

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Re: Finding My OLD Forum

Is it possible to just view the old forum if I don't currently have a hosted website for the "boroughvent" URL?

In other words - Did the old forum disappear with all the files when the site was no longer being hosted, or does PunBB keep a link to the forum?

Re: Finding My OLD Forum

see _

Parserus, UserAgentAnalyzer.
I speak only Russian  :P

Re: Finding My OLD Forum

Thanks Visman, but it took me nowhere... it just took a few more seconds to get there wink

Re: Finding My OLD Forum

I'm trying to repost this in hopes of retrieving some of our old topics.
If ANYONE has a way to find our old posts on our old PunBB Forum, PLEASE help me.

This week, we will be celebrating TEN YEARS of Boroughvent / BoroVENT, abd it would be great to see some of the older posts.
It is our HISTORY, and we've lost it.
I know it exists out there somewhere.


Thanks, Venter