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Topic: Pan Image Migration - Delegate images on Pani Uploader

This tool will help you to transfer all the images in the boot files and images Pan Uploader, that can then be managed from the admin panel easily.

What it is useful to store photos and files separate from the extension?

There is not a bad extension to upload photos, but the downside in my opinion is where the photos are loaded. All images are loaded into separate directory of extensions. On our forum at one time I used a boot loader, but soon because of the many mistakes still had to give it up. Remove the expansion is not possible, since it a bunch of photos, and manually move, maybe if this chore to allocate about 2 days!

Therefore, it was written by a kind of image carrier ip any extension or from any folder containing images. By the way, Pan Uploader downloads all the files and images on the basis of WP in a separate directory, the files separately, pictures separately. It creates a structure according to the principle: year / month / day.


How does a carrier?
While I am writing, that the photos are transferred, but in fact it is simply copied to the new Pan Uploader. Next Image Migration finds all the posts where there is a link to this image and replace it with a new path to the image. In Adin panel displays a list of found images. If the picture has disappeared after sending a request, then copying was successful.


Download the extension of Pan Image Migration