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Topic: Problems with PunBB

As administrator/owner of www.darkroomcookbook.com I am experiencing the following problems with punBB 1.4.4.  If anyone can tell me how to fix any or all of these issues I would appreciate it.

1. punBB does not allow for mass emails to all users to inform them of anything important, such as updates to the site. This includes sending an email to the foroum moderators. I have to send one at a time.
2. When someone sends a private message (PM) it does not notify the recipient.
3. When someone posts to a topic it does not inform the topic moderators. This is important because unless the moderators are notified they don’t bother to check the site, and the site becomes filled with unanswered topics. It doesn’t even notify me, the administrator - unless I specifically ask for notifications to each topic as they are posted. I have to login every day to see if there are new posts and I don’t always get around to it.

The inability to inform users, moderators, and administrators inhibits the so important exchange of information on this forum.

Thank you.

Re: Problems with PunBB

2. Extensions - Fancy PM Notification


I need to disable auto upgrades and manually upgrade the site.

Administration → Settings → Features
Automatically check for updates
PunBB is able to periodically check if there are any important updates to your software. The updates may be new releases or hotfix extensions. When updates are available an alert for administrator will appear.

Check for updates Enable automatic update checking.
Check for new versions Enable check for new versions of extensions.

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Re: Problems with PunBB

Thank you. I have both of those enabled. The error message asking me to manually upgrade, has disappeared, though I didn't do anything except contact this forum. smile

That only leaves 1 and 3! Address those and I will be a happy camper!

Re: Problems with PunBB

I've been through the punBB 1.4 extensions 3 x and don't see Fancy PM notifications.

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Re: Problems with PunBB

Fancy PM notifications.

It is for admin notification.

1. Email notify - they may subscribe on topic  )
no other options for moderators.