Topic: New To PunBB Forums- Need Help

I need some help- Paid help is fine.
Very few get the registration emails and the spammers come in by the hundreds-non stop
I have stopped all registrations. I have yet to figure out extensions and at this point I'd like a bullet proof way to allow
new real members in without mega drama and a way to keep out the scumbag bots and spammers.

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Re: New To PunBB Forums- Need Help

macc4644, give the subject more meaningful name!

Here are a few extensions that can help you protect against spam forum:

1. Fancy Stop Spam защита PunBB от роботов и спама

2. Pan reCaptcha - капча для защиты от автоматических регистраций

3. Pan Moderator - Модерация пользователей, сообщений и тем

4. Pan AntiSpam - Защита форума PunBB от спама и взлома

5. sva_stop_bot - Expansion has to complicate automatic registration for bots. Only registration!