Topic: Many post's aren't visible.

I don't know if this is anything to do with punbb or my hosting, I am new to this forum thing, I have made plenty of websites, dealt with hosting, but never really had to do anything on the database side, so I am a total n00b when it comes to that.

A few of the things i've read say it could be say it could be something corrupt in punbb, some say it's a database issue, i really have no clue.

Is there a way I can verify everything in pun is working fine without taking my forum offline?

I have had issues backing up my punbb database, I manage to export it, but it's basically empty, it contains no tables, I think the phpmyadmin on my host is set up wrong, or something, i asked them to export the database and they get a similar result, the .sql file is 90kb, am I doing something wrong?

Re: Many post's aren't visible.

If you use phpmyadmin to save backups, then you'd better ask those who provide you with hosting services.

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I have they are useless.

I may have found the culprit, an extension I installed for html tables, it seems to have fixed the issue for now.

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Re: Many post's aren't visible.

Hi guys.
After update from 1.4.3 to 1.4.4 a lot of posts on my forum are invisible (for new and old posts), but when I try to edit them - I can see the content.
I was trying to change theme, optimize and repair database - ineffectively.
Posts looks like empty, there is only user signature and attachement.

Help, any ideas?

Re: Many post's aren't visible.

some kind of extension that uses bb codes, try disconnecting them one by one to find out which one is the reason.

Re: Many post's aren't visible.

I found problematic extension: Fancy Video Tag 0.4.9