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Topic: Send Mail

Hi, I have some trouble with sending mail.

I configure forum to send mail when a new user register.
But I do not receive the email. We use gmail.
Is this configuration OK?
SMTP server: smtp.gmail.com
SMTP account: info@gmail.com
SMTP password: 123

How can I configure the forum to use a GMAIL account to send mail?

How can I troubleshoot the problem? Where can I see mails logs?

Best Regards.

Re: Send Mail

set/add port  SMTP server: smtp.gmail.com:465

see https://punbb.info/t-912.html

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Re: Send Mail

Hi, I just do what says in the link, but when I try to send a mail using forum, It says:

Sorry! The page could not be loaded.
Could not connect to smtp host "smtp.gmail.com:465" (111) (Connection refused).

I install patch.
PHP version is 5.6
Forum hosted on Godaddy

Any ideas?

Best regards.

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Re: Send Mail

Enable in file config.php showing errors.
Uncomenting/open strings

and show me this error.