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Topic: How to transfer forum from phpBB3 to PunBB 1.4. Convert the DataBase

If you decide to convert the phpBB forum database into PunBB, then the following instruction will help you to convert the database yourself. I assure you, there is nothing difficult in this, the main thing is not to be lazy.

What do I need to transfer the forum from phpBB3 to PunBB 1.4?
1. A new, newly established forum.
2. Expansion of the Pan Framework
3. Extension of Pan Converter
4. Database dump in PHP array format

So, install the forum, there is nothing complicated in this, in the installation of PunBB everything is extremely simple and understandable. After installing the forum, you do not need to delete or create anything (forums, themes, users, and change the settings, leave everything as is).

The only thing we need is to install extensions: first the Pan Framework and then the Pan Converter.

After installing the extensions, download the module for the phpBB To PunBB converter and load it directly from the extension control panel. The script itself will unpack it where necessary. After successful unpacking, one more tab will be added to the submenu, but for now we do not proceed on it.

First, we create a database dump in the form of a PHP array. To do this, you need to open the phpMyAdmin database of the phpBB forum and select the Export tab.


If the file is saved in the archive, then unpack it to the file with the .php extension. On the main settings page of the Pan Converter extension, we load the dump onto the server using a special file upload form. After that, go to the page of the converter module phpBB To PunBB. You will see your downloaded dump in the drop-down list.

Before you start converting necessarily change the table prefix to the standard phpbb_
To do this, enter the prefix name in the text entry form.


Now you can start converting forum tables. Everything, all your themes, messages and users are transferred to PunBB!
This module carries the data of the tables:
+ Groups
+ Users
+ Messages
+ Topics
+ Forums
+ Categories

Download the extension and module in this topic

In the future, according to your wishes, we will expand the capabilities of phpBB To PunBB module. Offer your ideas, wishes, and of course help

Re: How to transfer forum from phpBB3 to PunBB 1.4. Convert the DataBase

Hello, does it work with a phpbb forum with SQLite 3 ?

Re: How to transfer forum from phpBB3 to PunBB 1.4. Convert the DataBase

no, you need to first convert your forum into mysql.