Topic: Convert IPB to PunBB. How to migrate the Invision Power Board Forum

So, we meet another database converter for a paid forum engine IPB (Invision Power Board). Although IPB can be installed completely free of charge, but in the future you will have to fork out a good idea, as it is a paid engine. The CMS itself is built less logically, simpler than a twisted phpBB, but still has its own peculiarities.

Now we will try to transfer messages, topics, forums, categories and users. The extansion of Pan Converter and the IPB to PunBB module will help us in this. We download and install the module for converting IP Board-3.4.6 to PunBB 1.4.

First of all go to phpMyAdmin and create a database dump in the form of a PHP array. Select the desired type of database in the drop-down list and save it to the PC.

Extract the saved archive and load from our converter settings page our dump with the extension .php.

After a successful download, go to the module tab and select our dump from the drop-down list.

Enter the table prefix below into the form, it is asked to enter it when you first install IPB. Usually looks like this ipb_ or prefix_.

If the prefix does not exist for the tables, just leave the field blank and start the first conversion step.
At this stage, the conversion table prefixes will be checked and converted.

At the final stage you will be asked to confirm the action and if the conversion passes without errors, then everything is OK.

We go to the main page and check the data.

The script transfers the following data:
+ Users
+ Messages
+ Themes
+ Forums
+ Categories


+ It is important to understand that this is the initial version, which will need further development, but most of the work it will perform.
+ Keep in mind that the content of each separate forum has its own characteristics, especially since the data of the IPB forum are stored in HTML. Therefore, after the conversion, content is cleared from all HTML tags. To save the markup, you need to write regular expressions to process the tags.
+ Note that the administrator's name with the user ID = 2 will change to what was used in IPB with ID = 1. It will not affect authorization, you will remain in the system. Just enter the new name the next time you log in.

More informarion you can find on our forum. & Download Converter from IPB (Invision Power Board) v.3.4.6 to PunBB 1.4