Topic: Arabic not showing

Hi guys.

I recently upgraded to 1.4, and one of my sub-forums that was in Arabic is not properly showing text anymore. All of it just looks like a huge pile of interrogation marks (????).

When I post in Arabic now, the text shows properly, so there is no current encoding problem.

Is there a way I can fix all the past threads for which the encoding is messed up?

PS: When I upgrade to 1.4, I specified in the installation page that my old encoding was utf-8. Should I have left it as whatever value was showing? Is that what messed up my precious Arabic text?

Thanks for the help in advance.

Re: Arabic not showing

I am using Punbb in the Persian language, as you know Arabic and Persian is using the same characters, so I don't have any problem.
I think the main problem is in your database and you need to fix that. make sure it is utf-8

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