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I'm a web developer in need of a foum that I can intigrate into one of my php based sites. I was wondering if the php of punbb coded so the userpasswords are encrypted/encoded or if they are simply plain text.

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Password in PunBB are encrypted. Or rather, a checksum of the clear text password is generated and saved.

I will probably write some kind of howto on website integration of PunBB. Just give me a few days :)

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Ok Sound good, I should probably start using password encryption, but I don't see why bothr, since no money is involved with the site. punbb looks like a fun project to intigrate into my site,, still under development, we open Jan 30th to the public. I got tired of using IVB like i did on previous versions of the site, and I want a forum I can intigrate completely into the site, thus when the user logges in to the main site he also logges into punbb, they would share the same user tables and I suppose I would have to rewrite much of the punbb code since I would need all the useroptions pages and instead have it draw from the sites user databases.