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Topic: HiveBB Forum - WordPress PunBB Plugin

HiveBB is a plugin for installing PunBB forum and working with the WordPress engine together.

Instead of the standard extension system the WordPress plugin system will be used.

WordPress plugins use the same PunBB hook id.


Download HiveBB Forum v1.4.6

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Re: HiveBB Forum - WordPress PunBB Plugin

Thanks for making a new plugin, you should update your personal info because "PunBB.INFO" is no longer a website about PunBB, somebody bought the domain name to make something totally different.
So punbb.softplaza.net is the new punbb.info and panbb.ru (same, now it's no longer PunBB things) ?

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Re: HiveBB Forum - WordPress PunBB Plugin

Yes, right. I tried to update it but no access to change information in my profile.

I know lot of work needs for this plugin HiveBB Forum, but please, leave your feedback of plugin. Thank you .