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Topic: Hello everybody :o)))

I just discovered this board, and I must say: it's great. Fast and clear...

I have a question (not only PunBB related btw) about pics in a forum: if you put a picture in your post (situated on a different server), when someone reads your message, does he download the picture directly from the source adress (bypassing the forum) or does the forum server get a copy of the pic and upload it to the user from there (in different words, does putting and "img" tag increase your used bandwith? )

thx smile

Re: Hello everybody :o)))

Directly from the sourceaddress

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Re: Hello everybody :o)))

It uses the bandwidth of the images host.

This is why alot of the *free* sites don't allow remote linking to images (like tripod, brinkster, and geocities I believe). Just imagine 5 thousand people see an avatar image on your site and they each are a member of two or three forums, and they use the url to your image. Each time anyone views a post made by that individual it steals from the image hosts bandwidth. Insane strain when you think of all the instances.

Oh and BTW: Welcome to the forum big_smile

Re: Hello everybody :o)))

thx guys.. I thought it that way, but wasn't sure... smile