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this mod works in version 1.2 ??
thx sorry but my english isn't very good.


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no but the 1.2 version is in progress

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Im eagerly awaiting it smile
Is there a list of mods that are working in 1.2??


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I'm doing a total rewrite of this mod for PunBB 1.2 ... featuring among other new things, file storage (replacing the database storage, install will convert old attachments from database), multiple attachments/post, no more file editing needed (like if adding new icons, adding files to always deny, or stuff like that)... Administration interface will also have a documentation of the mod, a detailed documentation ... so other mods can work together with this easier smile

Here's a couple of teasers smile
Admin interface, alter settings , Viewtopic, note, multiple attachments smile , Admin interface, list attachments

But I'm working on it as much as I can, and I won't release it until it's ready to do so, so no need to ask more for it (as it won't speed things up... wink) ... I was hoping to get it out before this week was over ... but I think I've gone sick (some common cold or something) ... so coding isn't the thing I do best atm ... (was stuck with markup for 2 hours yesterday ... failing miserably to get a little bug out... but it's probably simple wink)

Also, if you read the first post in this thread you'll see that I've written that "The rewrite has begun" for PunBB 1.2 wink

So ... I'll release it when it's ready big_smile

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Dang don't tease us wink

Looks great.. keep up the good work.


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yeh looks amazing, best to take your time and get it right first time wink


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thnx guys ... I try my very best smile


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Wish I had a monitor that could display that resolution.


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lol 1280x960 is enough for me any bigger and i can't get far away enough from the screen

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Personally I use 1600 x 1200


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what size moniter?

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1600 x 1200 on a 19 inch monitor.


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1600x1200 on a 20" TFT. It's my baby smile

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dang.. thats the only way to fly.. wink


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lol i think i could cope with a big tft its not bad, 17" tft at 1280x1024 would probably be my favourite though

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Re: Attachment Mod 1.0.1 by Frank H

1600x1200 ... think it's 19" (bought it off a friend ... to replace my old 15" that was so unfocused I couldn't bear with it any longer ... but wow what a difference)

either way, back on topic  ... I have finally fixed the rules output page (lists all categorys and forums... and will show what groups are allowed to do what (if it's not listed, they're not allowed to do that action) ... a bit of a dirty way... but as it's only used whenever the admins look there, I really don't care that much, and beeing sick makes coding hard wink
I want to have this overview of the rules (actually something I miss on the default PunBB ... I feel 'insecure' when I need to go into each forum to see what rules are set ... easier to get an overview when one can see all forums and categorys IMHO)

Either way ... end of my babbling ... here's a screenshot ... no rules in the database as you can see ... heh ... but will be the titles of the groups ... i.e. Guests, Moderators  etc visible there on the right side ...

nah now it's time to sleep ... noite all

Edit: oh, that plugin file that has the whole admin interface ... 844 lines ... I'm gonna pass 1000lines for sure ... as there's still much code to do ... 4 more functions needed in it ...


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Ok, was a bug in the rules display ... I used the wrong array roll , simple to fix once I figured out what I had done big_smile  (all I saw was a bunch of numbers) big_smile
List all rules (great for overview who can do what IMHO)
Edit rules for a forum

I decided not to go into the PunBB group management files, instead, if a group is deleted those rules are marked in bold with the number, and a statement saying that one should delete that ruleset ... I think that'll do for everyone ... I'll write it in the documentation section ... (like anyone will read that big_smile))

that part of the admin interface was a bugger to write though ... a huge amount of lines, and then to get it to work with the markup ... lol ... either way ... "only" 2 more things for the admin interface ... and then give post.php and edit.php a go ... phew ... but now I'm not sure I'm fit for doing any more today ... tongue

oh, and I shouldn't forget the install script ... that one needs to convert files from the old attachment mod ... that might be fun, at least alpha testing it, when it'll start deleting stuff in the database wink

Rickard: hmm.. is the installscript in the SDK updated for 1.2?


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its looking very good and your making amazing progress wink

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Re: Attachment Mod 1.0.1 by Frank H

thnx smile

Edit: not enough news for a new post ... but the post.php works for administrators now (they override most of the rule checks)... going to sit down and bughunt the permission checks later ... but now I got to do daily choirs ... like buying food so I have something to eat ... bughunting why uploads didn't work for admins were a much funnier thing ... as I wrote that function a couple of days ago ... so I needed to figure out exactly what stuff did ... now uploads work, but I'm unsure if new paths will ... lol ... either way ... no big news, jsut some small one ...  big_smile

oh, and release this week seems unrealistic atm. still too much to do to be able to do that ... even if it looks ready it's far from it ... after everything is coded I need to go over all the code to check so that people cannot inject SQL etc. ... not the funniest thing to do (the functions file is atm 300 lines, the plugin file is 1100+ and there's still quite alot to add, no orphan stuff is made, and edit.php might need it's own functions aswell ... so ... I'm guessing somewhere around 2000 loc that needs going through later tongue)


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Frank.. do you know when this mod is going to be readdy yet?


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mark36ph: read up ^^


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Another update report, so yall don't need to ask big_smile

Posted files big_smile
Edit files (two files posted by the Admin, so the std member isn't allowed to delete those big_smile, one has the member uploaded)

edit.php was a true bugger to write ... and I had one amusing error in an SQL query ... took me ages to figure out ... wink

still todo: delete.php, orphan handling in the plugin file, install_mod.php (this will probably be the hardest thing to do ... lots of stuff...) ... so no release this week, we will see during the next week ... but I do not promise anything ... I'll just do my best ...


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i don't know if this is too hard, but maybe you could make preview upload the attachment and then rename it preview/add attachment so it can be used to upload multiple attachments as atm i assume you need to press edit to upload attachments?

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Re: Attachment Mod 1.0.1 by Frank H

I've thought about that, but I have figured out it'll just be a mess up stuff, handling temporary files (ppl might decide not to upload etc.) ... it's of course possible to do, but I don't feel the need of it weights up the extra code/work/mess (someone could always mod it wink) ... but the extra work needed is IMHO waay more than the use wink  (now an upload either get's rejected, or linked directly to the post, nothing more... (except the orphans that one can select to create if whole threads are deleted, but it's optional wink))

either way ... I have taken it under consideration, but rejected it smile
(and it's not that hard to edit posts ... IMHO, Edit: I do it often to correct spellings etc anyway wink)


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yeh, fine just thinking out loud really, best thing is keep it simple and working well wink (and having the possiblity of it being released sooner) wink