151 (edited by Frank H 2005-04-11 17:17)

Re: Attachment Mod 1.0.1 by Frank H

You can upgrade to new PunBB, but attachments won't work just yet, just make sure you keep the old attachments tables, so you don't loose any data ... and just add it when it's released (and the mod-upgrader will move the attachments from database to disk storage when installing it)
(and perhaps have a 'clone' of the old forum on a computer without access from outside, so you can fetch attachments from it if needed)

Edit: The updater works now, just tested it with 2MB of attachments ... and it looks ok aswell ... it's running similar to the prune Rickard had in earlier versions, javascript refreshes the page when X number of attachments has been converted. the PHP directive to make the execusion time longer, might not work, as Apache also has limits on CGI scripts, so I went with the javascript version (+ manual link if javascript isn't used, but then one have to sit by the computer to click a few times wink)
Found a couple of bugs aswell (simple ones, but still neccessary to fix), has fixed the documentation so I think it holds relevant and accurate information. I'm currently taking a cup of coffee and looking on all my querys ... hopefully it'll be expoit free when released wink