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i cant install punbb, partly because i dont know understand the following things, im trying to understand the examples but normally i need them in slightly simpler context!

Database server hostname

Database name

Table prefix

please dont blame me for being a complete dimbo, im only 11 and this is my first attempt at having my own forum

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yes before you ask i did upload everything and i do know what a server is and the place im putting my forum on is

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oh yes and i tried looking at the faq's, they wherent much help either

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hostultra huh? i'm on their paid hosting smile (i am "mkolsenfan" on their forums)
database server name is "localhost"
database name, go into your control panel, there is a "manage database" or something alike somewhere if you scroll down, i think you can find out what your database's name is).
Table prefix, just make up something, like for example "punbb_"

I assume you bought a database? You do not get a free database with the free hosting, you'll have to pay a one time fee to get one. (just in case you didn't wink)

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grrr, i didnt buy one, but ill go check if there is one

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grrr, its hopeless, ill never be able to upload a forum, i feel like killing myself sad

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if you haven't bought one, you do not have one.
it'll cost you $5 (one time fee).

Also important to know is that once you have a database and installed punBB, your users won't be able to upload avatars, because you have to disable it. All scripts that allow uploading of files are generating errors on the free accounts since it is not allowed. Only you can upload through FTP to your HU account.