Topic: Embedding punBB in an existing Site?


would like to embedd the punBB-Forum in an existing Site! (Not via iframe!).
The Result should be a complete new Site!

Also I would like to deaktivate the Function that someone has to register before
he wants to post something cause the Forum will be in an member area that
has already a login-check! The nickname of each user is stored in an session-id
so I would like to use that for the posts.

To the Admins: Is that easily possible? Or do I need a diploma in PHP to do that?

Many thnax for ur help!

P.S.: Sorry for me bad english!

Re: Embedding punBB in an existing Site?

It will be rather difficult because you still need people to register to get their options and settings (avatar, signature, etc).

Embedding the forum in a web site isn't hard though. Have a look at the templates in include/template/.

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Re: Embedding punBB in an existing Site?

Further to the question about sessions - is there a technical reason why punBB uses cookies rather than sessions?