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after i read the about page i wounded what the meanin of pun was. so yea, what does pun mean or stand for?


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I thnk its Swedish for "fun" "play" or something.

Or was that Ludo..

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"pun" does not mean anything in swedish... sorry smile im from sweden and i have also wondered what "pun" means ever since i installed it smile

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IIRC Rickard has answered it somewhere on this forum ... search and you shall find wink

Edit: ok, here's the search result wink


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i found the post that it was stated, if you wana know go here


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I like the 'it was short for PULCHRITUDINOUS' version.

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I too wonder why is it punBB? but dont want to confuse myself... Then thought its like phpBB... whatever it is, its good... smile

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I kind of like it because it's a bit odd. Odd is good :)

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Isn't the word "Pun" means "playing the word". For example someone could say, "DOnt you turn right, right?" "Is that right for turning of correction?" An english term...

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