Topic: Problems with attachment mod

Is there any versions of this mod which I can use with punbb 1.1.5 ?

Re: Problems with attachment mod

Frank H wrote:

It's currently undergoing a major rewrite ... for 1.1.5 and I'm trying to make it easier to install (hey, that's not the easiest thing to do wink) and make it better suited to 1.2 when that arrives. Don't count on the rewrite beeing here soon, lots of work and a few new things wink

Re: Problems with attachment mod

I use it successfully with 1.1.5

Here is the attachment mod release thread

The first post in that thread will have links to all neccessary tweaks that needs to be performed for it to work good with 1.1.5

Locked this topic, better to ask any questions you may have in that thread instead (most issues seems to be covered in there)