Topic: PunBB 1.1.3

I'm pleased to announce the release of PunBB 1.1.3. Like the two previous versions, 1.1.3 contains only bugfixes. Upgrading should be easy (see the included install.html for instructions). For a full list of changes, please see the changelog. All files are available on the download page. Please discuss anything related to the release in this topic.

To ease the burden of upgrading from an older release, I've created patch files for upgrading between all versions between 1.1 and forward. These files, together with instructions on how to use them, can be found in this directory. By recommendation of my dear friend Theo Wribe, the patch files are now in unified format instead of context format. The unified format is more compact and easier to read.

The work on PunBB 1.2 continues, but at a reduced rate. I'm currently working on my thesis at the university and on top of that, I'm building an autonomous robot with some friends for a competition in Denmark this month. Things should probably slow down a bit in a few weeks, but don't hold your breaths.

Oh and, regardless of todays date, this isn't a joke :D

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