Topic: Minor language pack updates

I've gone through all the language packs for PunBB 1.1.* and made a few small modifications. There is no need to re-download unless you're a version junkie and need to run the very latest version of everything (like me). The language pack authors should however remember to base any revisions of their current language packs on the packs downloadable from this website.

A few additions will be required to support PunBB 1.2, but when 1.2 is released, I will personally modify the current 1.1 packs to at least work with 1.2. Then, gradually, the packs can be updated. As PunBB 1.2 is still very much in development, I can't say what will have to be updated, but I'm keeping a log of all the changes I make. That way, updating once 1.2 is out shouldn't be difficult or time consuming.

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