Topic: Hosting recommendations

You can host your PunBB forums on virtually any host that provides you with a web server, the PHP language interpreter and a database. However, the quality of service and customer support of hosting companies around the world varies greatly. is hosted by TextDrive. TextDrive offers features and support that, in my opinion, are nothing short of amazing. If you haven't decided on a host for your web site or if you're thinking of switching to a new host, I recommend that you visit the hosting page and read up on TextDrive and how signing up at TextDrive also means you're supporting PunBB.

While on the subject of hosting, I would also like to give a heads up on MyPunBB. A creation of moderator Connorhd. MyPunBB offers free PunBB forum hosting without pesky banners or other annoyances. It's a great service. If you want your own forums but lack the resources or skills to setup one yourself, MyPunBB is what you're looking for.

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