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Topic: Small BBCode bug ([quote] and inside tags)

The following:

[quote="test"]This [i]is[/i]

a test[/quote]

(edit: imagine that quote tag without quotes. Otherwise I can't get it to display properly).

Will result in this:

test wrote:

This isa test

(notice the lack of line break)

It will happen with any tags inside of a quote, if the quote tag is referencing another poster, and is used without quotes. I haven't really looked into it, but some initial playings point to the need for an un-greedy thing on the quote regex:

$a[] = '#\[quote=("|"|\'|)(.*?)\\1\]\s*#i';

(Line 70, on whatever version of the test board I have running.. but this problem is still in the latest).

But me thinks that acting ungreedily, that could cause problems with usernames with quotes and apostrophes in them, but I haven't had time to do much more with this.

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