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CVSup Rundown
From the FreeBSD website:
"CVSup is a software package for distributing and updating source trees from a master CVS repository on a remote server host. The FreeBSD sources are maintained in a CVS repository on a central development machine..."

Would anyone be interested in using something like this for Pun? I could write/administer it fairly easily. Of course, one tricky part would be SQL Schema changes.

I think if implemented correctly, it would be very cool. Thoughts?

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porting would be perfect smile

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PunBB has a SVN system rather than CVS you can already get the latest source from that

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The idea, Connor, is that it uses the versioning system either automagically, or by request, to update to the most current version.

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yes and there are lots of subversion tools that do that i use TortoiseSVN for windows

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I mean via PHP; via the PunBB administration panel.


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I'm a huge fan of FreeBSD and its ports collection, but this seems like a bad thing to somehow mangle into working via an online administrative interface. You shouldn't be able to overwrite your files with the permissions your web server runs as. Plus, this would get infinitely more tricky with any sort of modded board. And if anything were to fail in the process, you might be left without a functioning board. Self updating tools just seem icky to me.

Now a FreeBSD port for PunBB might be a good thing, to at least make initial installs easy. And it could even do upgrades for unmodified boards.

Hard work may not kill you, but why take chances?

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thing is, permissions are a big problem, and if it just overwrites all the files then its not worth it really is it? Also what does this have to do with FreeBSD?

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Connor, do you like playing devil's advocate or are you just pessimistic?

It does not have to do with FreeBSD, but the idea of their CVSup system. Click a button, and all your sources are current. I run an unmodified board and a system like this would be very cool for me. It would make it even easier to administer than it already is - plus, if there's a security fix, I can have it right when Rickard commits it.

The system could edit files while maintaining permissions - it's not as hard as you might think! I wouldn't have to download the entire files from source, just the edits. I wouldn't have to download, ungzip, upload, upgrade.

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first of all slightly both, the reason i'm pessimistic is its not worth it for something like punbb

1. edit still requires write permissions
2. if it just downloads the edits where does it get them fromm
- if you get them from the patch file or something then it needs to know where the patch is and needs to be able to parse it
- if you get them from a new source then it has to be up to date
3. this will only work properly for unmodified installs
4. upgrading punbb with an unedited install is so easy, you said it yourself, download, unzip, upload, upgrade the only problems occur with a modded punbb which your system can't deal with
5. by the time i've finished writing this post i could have updated punbb 1.1.5 to 1.2.4 tongue

Re: CVSup for PunBB? wrote:

- plus, if there's a security fix, I can have it right when Rickard commits it.

Which he usually does right before releasing a new version, so that people aren't tipped off in advance of him offering a new release wink