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For 1.3 I'll probably put more effort into the admin plugin before release (for easier rulesetting), I was planning to update it after a while, but ... it kind of never happened due to lack of time tongue

+ there's some more small things I'm going to change, but feels quite useless to make those changes now before 1.3 is out ... as the plugin needs to be rewritten a bit to suit the hooks in the code (but that's probably much better for everyone wanting to use it ... the 50-step readme will hopefully be really short ... smile


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I'm using PunBB 1.2.6 and I've just installed the latest Attachment Mod. I changed everything (I think...) but impossible to upload files. I mean I got the upload button but impossible to see the file. The strange stuff is I don't have the "Attachment Mod" in "Plugins" when I am in administration mode.
Anyone got an idea?


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sounds like you've missed uploading hte plugin ... you need to set upload permissions in the plugin

follow the installation guide linked in the first post of this thread, and you'll see how to test and setup the mod.

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Is there data importer to convert phpBB+Attachment Mod -> punBB+Attachment Mod by Frank H ?



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I haven't got one at the moment, but I'll look into it during the weekend. A database dump would be useful though ...

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Frank H, thanks!


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I downloaded the mod, but considering I'm not using phpbb, that mod looked quite ... timewasting to figure out without installing phpbb first, so could you perhaps send some info on what is stored in the database, and how the files are stored (on the disk, or in the database)?
(My email adress is in the image in my signature)

Hopefully all I need to do is a couple of simple modification to my attachment mod 1.0 to 2.0 updater.

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>how the files are stored (on the disk, or in the database)?
on the disk:

> some info on what is stored in the database
To download phpbb attachment mod from:
http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/acyd … p?download

in file install/schemas/attach_mysql_schema.sql there is some info about db changes to use attachments.
I think most impotant tables are:


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thnx, but I probably need a dump of the database to be able to do a proper one ... I looked in the mod, but I've got too much to do before christmas to be able to fix it without a database dump ...

if someone wants to do the converter, just msg me and I'll help if you're getting stuck with my code (think the documentation covers most of my mod)


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Hi Fank H,

im running a new punBB version 1.2.10 with an integrated attache-MOD

On my localhost - for trying - all works fine smile

But when i try to transphere it to my server with all the files and make a complete SQL etc., the punBB runs well, but inside your mod, i'm not able to create a new subdir under the ATTACHE-directory, where to put in all my attachments.

The ATTACHE-dir is on 777 and the index.html and the .htaccess in my ATTACHE-dir.

An error was encountered
Error: Unable to create new subfolder with name
'http://xyzxyzxyz.de/punBB_attachments/c … xxxxxxxxxx' with mode 0750.

When trying to delete an existing attachment (what i've put in, during the "local time", befor my transphere to the server) out of my posting, i see this message:

An error was encountered
Error: Error creating filepointer for file to delete/reset size, for attachment with id: "8".

What can i do??


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looks like you have messed up alittle in defining where the attachments are stored

In the plugin, Click "Alter settings"

Then at "Attachments basefolder" you need to enter the path to where the basefolder is, not the http adress  (as an example, on unix you could have something like "/web/www/loginname/forum/attachments/" , and that's for an unix system, for a windows system you will have some letter on the drive aswell)

To figure out what the path is to your forum folder, go to the Admin interface (PunBB's) and click "Show info" next to the PHP version, then search the page that pops up for the following variable: "_SERVER["SCRIPT_FILENAME"]"   ... that one will tell you what the complete path is to the forum, just remove the "admin_index.php" part and add your path to the attachments.

Hopefully it'll solve the problems

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Hi Frank,

I just got PunBB the other day and am very exicted to try out your mod.  After making my way through the readme file and then running install_mod.php, I get through the first few steps but get caught up w/ the following error:

File: /.../.../FORUMS/install_mod.php
Line: 76

PunBB reported: Unable to add column "attach_always_deny" to config table

Database reported: Duplicate entry 'attach_always_deny' for key 1 (Errno: 1062)

Any idea how to get that straightened out?  Thanks!


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hmm ... seems you already had run the installer, and tried again? (perhaps had some error while trying the first time?)

if so, you can check what rows that has been added with a tool like phpMyAdmin or similar, and remove those (for a complete listing of rows that's added to the config table, check the documentation chapter 2.2), and delete the files in the cache folder on the forum (so that new ones will be generated)

for the next version I might do so that old values are overwritten, but I'm not 100% sure I will (as sometimes people leave install_mod.php in the folder)

but remember to make backups! wink

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Thanks for the speedy reply, Frank.

After things went south, I copied the original 5 or 6 .php files (that were changed during the readme step) back into the forum directory... and now I have an "unable to fetch post info" error (that I posted about on the troubleshooting forum a few minutes ago).

For future notice, when you say "backup" does it mean just the files that were changed or the entire forums/ directory (and all sub-dirs too)?

Thanks again,


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when making backups the least to copy is what's beeing modified, and the database ...

but for simplicity I copy everything, including the database ...  (I always do it before trying out new mods)

about that error, it looks like your mysql has gone bad, the posts table seems to be unreachable by mysql ...

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Re: Attachment Mod 2.0.1 by Frank H

just installed this on the latest punbb, worked fine. i can upload the text file and read the docs. about changing max upload but i dont have a link to attachment mod in plugins of the admin index. searched this whole thread and noticed the post from mid nov. having the same issue and no way to resolve it.

i also didnt notice any code changes for admin_options. should i rerun install_mod?


edit: nope that didn't work. what am i missing?


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seems like you have forgot to copy the plugin phpfile to the plugin directory  (has happened to other people before)

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Re: Attachment Mod 2.0.1 by Frank H


nm, i see what i did here....thanks!


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Mastering wrote:


Is there data importer to convert phpBB+Attachment Mod -> punBB+Attachment Mod by Frank H ?


I too, would be interested in this. What would I need to provide for you to do this?



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Well, a database dump (over the affected tables, and with files so I see what and how stuff is saved), and a printscreen or something of how the files are stored on the disk (not neccessary if it's totally clear by the database dump)

If I can get those then I hope it's possible to modify my Attachment mod 1 to attachment mod 2 converter to convert from phpbb, if it's possible, then it might be fairly quick to fix it, if I need to do the converter from scratch, I suppose it will take a bit longer ... (and I've got exams now aswell, so I cannot put 100% of my time on it right now, but at least some wink)

If you zip it and send it to my mail, I'll promise to take a look at it  (I think gmail has a filelimit on 10MB, but hopefullly the dump is smaller than that?)

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Re: Attachment Mod 2.0.1 by Frank H

Email sent to you with the 4 tables from the phpbb mod. Thanks again.  Good luck on your exams wink

edit: oh yeah, let me know if you need anymore info. I can give you links to the images if needed.


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thanks, got the mail, will take a look at it tomorrow smile


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Hey Frank. How'd the exams go?  big_smile  Did you get a chance to take a look at the DB dump I sent?

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Re: Attachment Mod 2.0.1 by Frank H

so so ... I returned to work on monday and still is off with the 'sleep' rythm ... so I'm totally screwed in my head when I get home ... (but I have peaked a little and imported it to an empty place at my database, and it looks promising for conversion)

If things goes well at work this week I might get some time to check it out before next week, but I'm not making any promises wink

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Hey Frank, thanks again for your great mod. 

Quick question/problem -- on our forum, we're having trouble uploading files bigger than 500k or so.  Everything less than that works fine, but everything more returns some strange "server reset" error.  We have max file size (as set in the mod "settings" panel under admin) set at 20mb (it was recently at 10mb, which gave the same error).  My guess is this has something to do with the actual server itself and not the forum?

If you could shed light on this either way, that would be great.  I am by no means a server expert, but I can get in touch with the webmaster no problem.  I just want to make sure there isnt' a mistake I'm making with the forum.  We're pretty sure we've isolated the problem down to this -- I've triple-checked permissions and tried multiple accounts with multiple files.  Even seemingly erroneous files, when shrunk down to 500k or less, work. 

Any thoughts?  Thanks!