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Topic: 2 questions

Hi! Have 2 questions:
1) About SplitTopic Mod: Where I can find it for 1.2.x (exactly for 1.2.5) version of Pun BB? link from this post doesn't work.
2) Is antiflood mod enywhere? I mean mod for split messages from one user if he post one more message (after previous unreplayed message) and text of second message will be inserted to previous message with text, e.g., "Added [Date, Time]"
sorry for my poor english wink

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1) i'm not sure there is one

2) i know what you mean but i don't think anyone has done it

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1)it's too bad...
2)Why?? It's very needles mod!
I try to do this by myself.. maybe I can something..

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1. If you want it (it's still very ugly, I haven't worked on it and I don't plan to) I can email you it maybe (I'll see if I still have a copy)

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PLEASE! Mail me it!!!!!!!!!! zoltor@xaker.ru

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I receive message from you with Split Topic mod, but it not working.. I can't send e-mail to you. I tried but receive this error

Remote host said: 550 You are not permitted to send mail.  Please visit http://www.verizon.net/whitelist to request removal.

So, I write here. When I check few messages for moving to new topic and press "Create topic" button, I receive this error "Bad request. The link you followed is incorrect or outdated."

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There's a reason I like gmail tongue
Which create topic button, the one on the really ugly page?

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sorry, not understand.. sad( "Create topic" button on topic moderation page (page at wich I can remove multiple messages)...

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OK, looking at the code for the mod, there are 3 reasons why that would happen
1. $_POST['posts'] isn't set or is empty. That shouldn't be happening, since you're checking the boxes
2. $postcheck isn't numeric. Unless you're fiddling around intentionally, that can't happen
3. You're not sending the create_topic variable. But that check should be redundant, since before anything else happens it checks to make sure you are sending it.

Edit: I can't remember if this step is a leftover from the old mod (it doesn't look necessary), but we might as well try
open moderate.php

define('PUN_ROOT', './');
require PUN_ROOT.'include/common.php';


$cur_user['disp_posts'] = 1000; // Ugly hack to "save" alot of steps... sorry.