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Topic: Topic name

Hello! My englsih is poor big_smile so, is there mod: show topic names at forum index page? at index.php near date of last message on each forum? If yes, can somebody direct me to it? PLZ...
PunBB ver.: 1.2.5


Re: Topic name

hi !
my english is not better wink
you can find here some information about your request : http://www.punres.org/viewtopic.php?id=254
i don´t find any MOD that could make what you want, but some guys have allready try it, with succes i think ! wink

there also something, called "PumBB Supermod" http://www.punres.org/desc.php?pid=82
it´s a package that contain PunBB 1.2.5 and other mods, allready installed (PunPortal, PunPMS, Colored User Groups(in navbar too!), Easy BBcode, Easy Smiles, Extra Boxes, last topic instead of time, PunPoll, change link, many plugins, ...)

have fun ! big_smile

Re: Topic name

Supermod: no.. I wannot reinstall punbb.. I have no time.... sad
Thank ypu for your link.. I made changes form it topic and receive normal result! smile