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Topic: Some odd problem with viewtopic.php

Well, there's a strange problem I have with this file. It started after I applied this and that.

On most of the topics, everything runs fine, but sometimes (couldn't find a reason for now), loading viewtopic.php doesn't load the header anymore, so the page starts with

<div class="linkst">
    <div class="inbox">
        <p class="pagelink conl">Pages: <strong>1</strong></p>

It happens when there are new posts in the topic, it seems, but not always. No difference if I access viewtopic.php from index.php or viewforum.php, nor if I use arguments (action=new or last) or not.
Last time it happend, it was after a replied to a topic. Before I replied, it displayed well, after redirection, it was broken. I tried on another topic, and it didn't happen... really odd because I can't reproduce it.

Could it be a cache problem?

[note]The only thing common to all the broken topics is... a particular user posted in / started the topic...[/note]

Re: Some odd problem with viewtopic.php

have a look at that users sig? also have you checked you made those 2 edits correctly?


Re: Some odd problem with viewtopic.php

Edits were triple checked and that user has no sig...

Fixed finally, it was my mistake. I applied the edit to a 1.2.4 version of parser.php instead of a 1.2.5...