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Topic: exclude a webmail inscription

Hi ,

i would like to know How to configure the Inscription programm

I request a fai mail  for all member but the inscription with a msn mail   passed right through and they received a password, so I must exclude each time ..
i would like to exclud all inscription with msn, hotmail or yahoo adress automacticly

how i can do that ?


Re: exclude a webmail inscription

I got it ,

in file register.php

line:    // Validate e-mail
    require PUN_ROOT.'include/email.php'

I add a the end: exclude hotmail, yahoo, msn, caramail etc

so there is no body who could become a member without a FAI and valid  email adress .


Re: exclude a webmail inscription

Just ban those e-mail domains in admin/bans.

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Re: exclude a webmail inscription

thank I finally got it !!!