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Sounds like it might be your server's configuration then. Try this, put the following code into some file, say phpinfo.php and run it:




That will output all the php config info for your server. Do a search for file_uploads and make sure it has the value "On" set, also check upload_max_filesize, the default is 2M, but maybe your server is configured with something much smaller.

On a different note, I've re-launched my old site that has been doing nothing for the past few months. Would really help me if you guys join up there so I don't have to check a hundered different threads and forums. That'll be the place where I'll be posting most of the development info from now on, though of course, all releases will still be uploaded to

Site uri:

See you there wink


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Administration - Forums - Edit Forums
i try to permit members to post images and get error "Error: Unable to insert group forum permissions."

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Hi - will this be made available for PUNBB 1.2.9? I tried to instal it, but on the installation screen it said it would only work on 1.2.6 - 1.2.7 - 1.2.8

Are there any other solutions for adding an image to a post other than this script?

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chmartin1 wrote:

Hi - will this be made available for PUNBB 1.2.9? I tried to instal it, but on the installation screen it said it would only work on 1.2.6 - 1.2.7 - 1.2.8

Are there any other solutions for adding an image to a post other than this script?

It works fine for my 1.2.9. You have to change the install_mod.php file so it will allow you to install on 1.2.9.


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Hi guys,

Sorry for not being around much for the past few weeks. Been busy with work and university. The mod does work fine in 1.2.9, as StevenBullen suggested, just change the install_mod.php file.

I still have a few things I've been meaning to add, just need to find the time to do that. Will try my best to find some time this weekend smile

- Max

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Thanks. I just installed it. THis is an awesome mod. Question: I was hoping that this mod would allow visitors to add pictures to different places in their post instead of by default placing all images in an "uploaded images" box at the bottom of their post. Is this possible?

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Hello everyone,

It's been a while, but just as promised I was able to spend a few hours today on a new version. Quite a few new things and fixes, though most are on the back-end.

I haven't had time to test the upgrade procedure from 1.1.0 to 1.2.0, so be careful on that. I think I've got all the steps in there, but if not let me know smile

This is likely the last release in terms of any major features, at least for a month or so. I will certainly release new versions if people spot a problem with this one, but anything major will have to wait till I'm on winter break. No time otherwise sad

Be sure to read the readme notes before asking questions wink. Also, I make no promises on answering questions either here or on If you have some questions/comments/problems, please either e-mail them to me (if it's important) or post on I'll try to come by these forums once in a while as well, but might not do so on daily basis.

- Max

P.S. Would like to say a few things on a feature that didn't make it into this one, as I'm sure there will be questions. The biggest disappointment I had was finding out that input type="file" has its value property set to read-only. It actually makes sense for security reasons, but this effectively prevented me from implementing any kind of saving feature that would keep the values when the user clicks on 'Preview' or changes slot count. As a matter of fact, I actually had the entire thing done and ready to go. Tried to find out why the values aren't being shown in the fields, and then had to go back and remove all the related code. sad

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chmartin1, that functionality is possible in theory, but will have to wait till the next version. I'll need to add a few routines to the post parser, and also allow users to hide the gallery, which is likely to be a bit of work.

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New version released that fixes two problems that were reported with 1.2.0 smile


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I think i got a "small" a problem with this mod. Actually, i don't have the "submit" button on Post.php... hmm

I've installed 3 other mods before :
EasyBBcode 1.0.1
PBBGallery 2.0 (beta)

Maybe i forgot something, i don't know... Do you have any idea ?

Thanks in advance for your help! smile

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My mod shouldn't touch the submit button. I think you may have removed a line or two by accident. Restore the original post.php and try it again.


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NightFalcon wrote:

My mod shouldn't touch the submit button. I think you may have removed a line or two by accident. Restore the original post.php and try it again.


my mistake... thx anyway nightfalcon! now it works great, congrats! smile

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Hello, This is my second mod I have installed and after the installion, none of my users can post new threads.
Also I can no longer create new forums or edit existing ones. I get the flollowing " Error: Unable to insert group forum permissions. "

When new topics are attempted to be created I get the following " Bad request. The link you followed is incorrect or outdated. "

When running the mods error checker I get the following " Image Upload is not configured correctly! "

I ran the install mod, deleted it, and then procedded to copy the new lines, I obviously messed somthing up somewhere, but i was wondering if you could tell me what page it was in so I didnt have to redo all the pages.

I also checked the database and the new colum for image upload is in the forum permisions table.

I have easy poll installed and there is no error witht hat, I can still create new poll, just not new threads.

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By the sound of it, you have a number of errors, but I'd start with post.php as far as being unable to post new topics.

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Hi all

I just added Image Upload 1.2.1 on a PunBB 1.2.10 and when I try to set the check boxes I get:

Error: Unable to insert group forum permissions.

Re: Image Upload 1.2.1

Did you run the install script?

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Yes, This also was a fresh install of the PunBB board.

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Go over the instructions again then. Not much more I can suggest.

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Thanks night, im gonna install it right now.

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Thanx NightFalcon

I got it working with a re-instalation!



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I have installed this plugin and I have to say that I?m really happy about the result. This is an excellent mod. Thank you Max (nightfalcon)!

I have however a suggestion for future development. I have the forum integrated in my website at a width of 800 pixels. This makes me require that any uploaded picture stays within a width of approx 760px to stay within the margins. Sometimes I think it would be nice to be able to display larger pictures then that. I would very much like the plugin to not only create a thumbnail, but also create a 760px downscaled version of any pictures larger then that (or any other user specified width). The 760px image would then be seen in the gallery and when clicked a popup with the full scale image would appear. I mean similar to how many php galleries work. Such as for instance the MG2 image gallery (

An other idea would be to go directly from thumbnail to picture with for instance the lightbox image viewer. … index.htm,

I?m sure you have many other good ideas for this plugin, but anyway Ive made my contribution.



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Thanks for this mod! I have modified the mod for my forum so that all the images are displayed inline at max resolution 800x600 using GD directly to scale the images (I removed php thumb stuff). Also I allow posting of images in the quickpost. All images are saved as JPEG with GD at 75% quality so they take up 80-100 kb at most. Then they are saved under a unique filename determined by the CRC32 of the data.

Have a look at the result here

I can provide the changes to the mod if anyone is interested.

There seems to be a problem when I try to post several large images at the same time, the input form is just discarded and I am redirected to an empty thread again resulting in an empty post.php with empty forms so I have to start all over with the post again..


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I've installed this mod, and the upload and integration are fine, but the thumbnails aren't being created for some reason.

I've checked and I have the right version of GD when I ran … o.demo.php
Note: this server is working on GD "bundled (2.0.28 compatible)", so images should be of optimal quality.

This is what uploads currently look like:

Any ideas? Thanks.


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Error Checker Report
Post 1402: Missing thumbnails
Post 1404: Missing thumbnails
Post 1405: Missing thumbnails
Post 1407: Missing thumbnails

Thanks again.

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Check your upload directory, make sure it is writable.