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I know there is already a mod for a topic status ([Mod] Topic resolved or not). But I think that the need can be more extensive, and that a native extension to a 'configurable' status management should be very useful for a lot of forums administrators.

Why configurable? Depending on each individual forum aim, the needed status can be different; Examples for some kind of forums (with possible use in punbb, to show how it can be useful smile ):

- topic=questions  ---> none / "resolved" [punbb example: Troubleshooting]
- topic=web site error  ---> none / "updated"
- topic=request (feature, function) ---> none / "added"  [punbb example: feature request]
       (or better, 3-valued status "none" / "abandonned" / "added" (or solution to add: none/refused/native/mod)
- topic=Bug/Technical fact ---> none / "closed" [punbb example: Bug reports]
      (or better with more values, you can imagine...)
- topic=announces (events, exhibitions, ads...) ---> none / "obsolete" [punbb example: News]
- list of functions ---> none / "deprecated"
- free discussions ---> "polemic or hot" / none [punbb example: discussions]

e.g., with the following parameters attached to each forum creation:
- additionnal status:     [_]
- automatic reset on new post:    [x]
- can be changed by moderators:   [x]
- initial state label  [______________]     active state label  [OK___________]   
       (hidden if empty; [LABEL] added if filled)

This should help a lot of forum administrators and users. Of course, we can imagine more options (see herafter), but even as described, this feature seems to be useful (and not so fancy).

Gil (not fluent, sorry)

Advanced options:
- displaying configuration(before or after the topic name)
- more values by status (--> with [Add New] button, or max 5), and corresponding automatic change when new post
- possible change by the topic author (for ads, questions...)

Re: Topic status (configurable by forum)

I second this request.  Thanks.  Andy.