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A basic framework for implementing ajax / javascript in punbb

Based ON

this framework will be based on prototype an axtensions on prototype (like, live validation)


- Hover above a users name gives extra info (configurable what info) about this user - Keyboard shortcuts like

  • GI - go to index
  • GPM - go to private messages
  • NT - create new topic
  • S - search
  • HT - hide this topic

- Suggestions on search (like google suggest) - dynamic content loading

  • have all content loading in the background, this way only one pageload is required, once the first page is loaded all otehr requests will be done async with ajax.
  • add some visiual effects like fading, hovers, …. and stuff like that to the forum
  • basically anything thats used in web 2.0 and even web 3.0[/quote]

- expandable catgeories - autorefresh (post, forums, ..) - UI like UltraExplorer - multi column - related posts being highlighted - realigning posts


- implement prototype and extensions - implement an easy way of pulling info from the db (see for class structure) - implement the server interface

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