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New in PunBB 1.3 (compared to 1.2.*)

  • Extension system based on hooks allowing one click extension installation (no code mods anymore).
  • Hotfixes: little extensions operatively fixing security bugs.
  • Notifications for new versions of forum or installed extensions.
  • Full support for UTF-8.
  • Fancy URLs.
  • Improved markup/css to provide greater flexibility and accessibility.
  • Better BBCode parser.
  • Styles now have their own template sets.
  • Official extensions produced and maintained by PunBB developers:
    • PunBB extensions repository access (pre-installed)
    • Private messaging
    • Attachments
    • Polls
    • Post approval
    • Anti-SPAM and CAPTCHA
    • Hook Navigator
    • Log
    • BBCode bar
  • Language file support for the admin console.
  • Improved/added more database helper functions.
  • Constants and variables renamed to maximize extensions portability.
  • MySQL requirement bumped to 4.1.2 to realize proper UTF-8 support.
  • Improved update script aiming for full UTF-8 compatibility.

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